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Description: Wood seated boatman figure; original gesso and polychrome pigment; arms missing, chips in gesso and pigment
Period: 26th - 30th Dynasty, 664 - 342 B.C.
Size: height 14.3 cm
Comment: Egyptian workmen wore a short whitish linen loincloth resembling a kilt, wrapped around the body and held with a belt. The length of the the cloth varied, it was short during the the Old Kingdom, but longer, reaching the calf, during the Middle Kingdom and afterwards.

Egyptian funerary boats

An Egyptian funerary boat wss a typical tomb offering from ancient Egypt, and symbolized the transport of the dead person or their soul, from life to the afterlife. Egyptians saw death as a boat journey, a trip across their River Nile, which ran down the centre of their country, joining North and South, country and city. The Nile was, in fact, the source of fertility and farming as well as trade and transport for Egyptians.

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